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Jazz-oriented ​musical exploration for 0-5 year olds.

"The balance of play and education is just perfect" - Rosie, Zara's mum.

What to expect...

We have now extended our classes to Buckinghamshire (aswell as London)...please get in touch if you would like us to come in and take a class at your space.

At Jingle Jam we use songs, sounds and stories to help develop your child's social skills, language development, creativity and self expression.

Each class has lots of live music and different instruments to excite and engage your child!

We Introduce children (and adults) to jazz in an authentic creative process.

In the process of improvisation through exploring rhythms, dynamics, sounds and movement, we are sewing the seed for the potential of future creativity within your child!

Social skills such as sharing, bonding, expression, confidence and patience, and other fundamentals like language development and listening skills are advanced through the use of live music.  

A bit of Background info...

This course has some similarities to the ‘WeBop’ programme of early years jazz classes at the Lincoln Centre’s Jazz Academy in New York, in that it has taken as its inspiration from the spirit of their education and learning programme, which incorporates young children and their parents learning together in a participatory class.

Lori Custodero, Associate Professor of Music Education (Teachers College Columbia University, New York) states that, “Not only do very young children have natural musical abilities, but music also is inherent in the relationship between infants and parents, whether it’s recognized or not as such. Parents do a lot of improvising with babies”.

It is clear that an early-childhood jazz education program for young children is beneficial to them by being part of the full-lived experience of music-making.

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